Da Lao Po Xiao Lao Gong   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 大老婆小老公 / Ta Lao Po Hsiao Lao Kung (Da Lao Po Xiao Lao Gong)
    • Also known as: Big wife and little husband
    • Genre: Family
    • Episodes: 25
    • Broadcast network: CTS / GTV
    • Broadcast period: 2006 Aug 09 - 2006 Sep 12
    • Air time: Weekdays 20:00-21:00
    • Opening theme song: Xing Fu Gan (幸福感) by Chen Qi Zhen
    • Ending theme song: Juan Lian (眷戀) by FIR


    After a night of heavy drinking, Chen Kai Wen woke up to find a woman sleeping next to him. Shock! He picked up his clothes and ran out of the place as fast as he could. He went straight home. He dug into his pocket and discovered he took the woman's key. What should he do with it? Later. More importantly, he needed to freshen up for work. He quietly sneaked into his own house. But his sister, Chen Kai Yi, was already waiting for him. It's the Nth time for his elder sister to come back home after a fight with her husband. She blasted him for staying out all night and that mom would have his head when she found out. Gosh, couldn't she just make peace with her husband and leave? Time to go to work. He couldn't be late since a new manager would be reporting for duty, got to make a good first impression.

    When he met the new manager, he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself. The new manager, CiCi, was the woman from this morning. No chance of making a good first impression now… Oh yeah, he still needed to return her the key.


    • Joy Pan as CiCi 楊羽希
    • Michael Zhang as Chen Kai Wen 陳凱文
    • Wu Qing Wen as Chen Kai Yi 陳凱依
    • Liang Jia Ge as Chen Kai Er 陳凱兒
    • Xiao Qin as Chen Kai Shan 陳凱珊
    • Ai Wei as Yang Zhi Yuan 楊致遠
    • Alexia Kao as Hui Lin 慧琳
    • Gu Han Yun as Li Yan Ming 李彥明
    • Lisa Wang as Wu Pei Qi 吳佩琪
    • Li Jie Sheng as Steven

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Lin Shu Qiao
    • Director: Wang Jing Tai, Lin Shu Qiao
    • Screenwriter: Yang Nian Chun
    • Music:


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