Da Hao Shi Guang   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 大好时光 / Da Hao Shi Guang
    • English title: Good Time, Good Times
    • Genre: metropolitan, romance
    • Episodes: 30
    • Broadcast network: Dragon TV
    • Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-15


    Yuan Hao is a successful businessman who has a fear of marriage. By chance, he meets a doctor Xiao Chun, who believes marriages are useless. Their relationship begins on the wrong foot, but they slowly evolve from adversaries into good friends and eventually become a couple who overcome their respective emotional scars together.


    • Hu Ge as Yuan Hao
    • Wang Xiao Chen as Mao Xiao Chun
    • Xu Ya Jun as Zhu Tao
    • Zhou Chu Chu (周楚楚) as Xia Bing Bing
    • Elvis Han as Luo Yi Yang
    • Xu Bai Hui as Shan Shan
    • Gao Bei Bei as Jian Hui
    • Lv Liang (吕凉) as Yuan Hao's father
    • Fang Fang as Aunt Pang
    • Lu Yi Sha (鲁伊莎) as Zhang Xue Er
    • Xu Yu Lan (徐玉兰) as Xiao Chun's mother
    • Bian Tao (卞涛) as Xiao Chun's father

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Wang Li Ping (王丽萍)
    • Director: Xia Xiao Yun (夏晓昀)


    • Filming period: 2015-Apr-12 start

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