Da Guo Yi   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 大国医 / Da Guo Yi
    • Also known as: Nation's Physician
    • Genre: Drama
    • Episodes: 36
    • Broadcast network: CCTV-8
    • Broadcast period: 2009-May-21 to 2009-Jun-01
    • Air time: 19:30-20:20


    The Guo family has been practicing bone setting for over 200 years and has never lacked for male successors to pass down its long tradition of skillful healing. However, fourth generation descendant Guo Yi Shan has run into such a problem after the deaths of his two wives leaves him with only a young daughter. In order to continue the family medical practice, Yi Shan decides to wed again, this time to a country girl named Yun He Ming. On the day of their wedding, Yi Shan is kidnapped by vengeful bandits thanks to the scheming of Liu Xian Tang, head of "Everlasting Life Temple." After hearing the news, He Ming successfully rescues her husband, garnering the respect of the entire Guo family. Thus, Yi Shan decides to teach his new wife how to read and practice medicine.


    • Winston Chao as Guo Yi Shan
    • Xu Fan as Yun He Ming
    • Wang Hui Chun as Liu Xian Tang
    • Liu Li Li as Hua Niang
    • Zhang Shan as Zhao Fu Bin
    • Han Xiao as Cai Feng Ming
    • Ma Yu Ke as Bai Ting Song
    • Ying Zi (瑛子) as Guo Qiao Qiao
    • Le Shan (乐山) as Guo Qi Yuan
    • Wen Hao (温昊) as Guo Yi Chuan
    • Zhang Hong Ming (张洪铭) as Guo Yi Fang
    • Yang Guang (杨光) as Guo Qi Shi
    • Liu Wei Hua (刘卫华) as Wu Quan Yi Lang
    • Zhan He Wen as Ji Cai's wife
    • Liu Yu Bin as Second Master Guo
    • Gao Tian (高天)
    • Carl (卡尔) as Ma Li Qi

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Meng Xian Ming (孟宪明)
    • Chief producer: Sheng Ta Song (盛漯松)
    • Producer: Liu Guo Li (刘国利), Wu Chang Zhong (吴长忠), Sheng Ta Song (盛漯松), Du Tian Xin (杜天信)
    • Executive producer: Sima Xiao Jia (司马小加)
    • Director: Wu Zi Niu

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