Chu Zu Nu You   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 出租女友 / Chu Zu Nu You (Chu Zu Nv You)
    • Also known as: Girlfriend for Rent
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 20 or 22


    The story follows four students, Tian Tian, Mian Mian, Xiao Xiao, and Mei Zi who share a dorm in a music university and their struggles in friendship, love, and money. It follows their ups and downs to achieve a better understanding and experience in order to value friendship.


    • Jiang Hong as Tang Tian Tian
    • Li Zhi Nan as Tang Ke
    • Fan Lin (樊霖) as Rang Mian Mian
    • Yu Shi Yao (于仕尧) as Cui Mei Zi
    • Xin Zi (馨子) as Gao Xiao Xiao
    • Bao Jian Feng as Lin Zhou
    • Chen Xu (陈旭) as Jin Hao
    • Gao Hao as Yu Tao
    • Song Xiao Ying (宋晓英)


    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Zhao Yan Sen (赵岩森), Fan Fei Fei (樊斐斐)
    • Producer: Li Juan Ping (李娟萍), Xu Xiao Lin (许小林), Gong De Jun (龚德君), Sai Na (赛娜)
    • Director: Chen Lie
    • Product distribution: Yang Zhen Hua (杨震华), Li Shou Xiang (李寿祥)


    • Product release: 2008
    • Filming location: Shanghai
    • Filming wrapped in March of 2006.

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