Cat Street   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: キャットストリート
    • Title (English): Cat Street
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Genre: Drama
    • Episodes: 6
    • Viewership rating: 5.9 (Kanto)
    • Broadcast network: NHK
    • Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-28 to 2008-Oct-2
    • Air time: Thursday 20:00
    • Theme songs:


    A story about a talented child actress who wins back her dream after retiring from acting. Keito was once a popular child actress, but she had shut herself away from society for 10 years after a traumatic acting incident. She is now 17 years old and incidentally enrolls to a free school for dropouts where she makes true friends. Together, they build trust and find the meaning of life. --NHK


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    • Minegishi Minami as Yukari (ep1)
    • Tsuruoka Mizuki (崔岡瑞希) as Kyoka (ep1)
    • Satonaka Hayato (里中隼人) as Naoki (ep1)
    • Ono Erena as Masami (ep1)
    • Ikeda Narushi Kinoshita (ep1)
    • Kobayashi Mie (ep1)
    • Oshima Yuko as Hirano Yumi - Taiyo's girlfriend (ep2-4)
    • Kojima Fujiko (ep2)
    • Aika (あいか) (ep2)
    • Sakamaki Natsuho (坂巻奈津穂) (ep2)
    • Oshima Yoko as Noda Shizue (ep3)
    • Baba Toru (馬場徹) as Yamaguchi Ken (ep3)
    • Suzunosuke as Yoshi Shinji (ep3)
    • Nakamura Eriko (中村映里子) as Risa (ep3)
    • Aso Natsuko as Misaki (ep3)
    • Sawai Miyuu as Nana (ep3)
    • Terakado Jimon (寺門ジモン) as a reporter (ep3-4)
    • Akimoto Naomi as Kurita Hitomi - Nako's manager (ep4)
    • Yoshida Yo as the PV director (ep4)
    • Arisue Mayuko (有末麻祐子) as Sayumi (ep5)
    • Akiyama Nana (秋山奈々) as Emi (ep5)
    • Yuki Jutta (ep5)
    • Shimizu Ryodaro (清水良太郎) (ep5)
    • Maruo (まるお) (ep5)
    • Iida Kisuke as the producer (ep5)
    • Otomo Kohei (大友康平) as the movie director (ep5)
    • Torii Miyuki (鳥居みゆき) as a beautician (ep6)
    • Akita Makoto as Madoka (ep6)

    Production Credits

    Episode Information

    Episode Subtitle Kanto Kansai Nationwide
    01 Miraculous Meeting 07.0  ??.?  ??.?
    02 This is... Love? 04.9  ??.?  ??.?
    03 7 Years of Anger 06.0  ??.?  ??.?
    04 Fated Reunion 06.1  ??.?  ??.?
    05 What can I do? 06.0  ??.?  ??.?
    06 Tearful Graduation 05.5  ??.?  ??.?
    Average --- 05.9  ??.?  ??.?

    Source: Video Research, Ltd.


    • Tanimura Mitsuki was chosen to play the heroine, at the request of mangaka Kamio Yoko.*

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