Bountiful Blessings   (Singaporean Drama)

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    • Title: 万福楼 / Wan Fu Lou
    • English title: Bountiful Blessings
    • Genre: Comedy, fantasy
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel 8
    • Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-30 to 2011-Sep-26
    • Air time: Monday to Friday 21:00-22:00


    Huang Fu Xi is the owner of 'Wan Fu Lou', a restaurant left behind by her missing husband, who is actually the Kitchen God, Zhang Dan. Zhang Dan was captured and imprisoned in the celestial heaven, leaving Fu Xi to raise their child single-handedly. Fu Xi's former sweetheart, Tong Da Feng, was resentful for Fu Xi's betrayal and bent on revenge. He carved out a career of his own and even opens a restaurant near to Wan Fu Lou to wreak vengeance on Fu Xi.

    To make amends for Fu Xi and their daughter, Zhang Dan decides to pass his culinary skills to Xie Dong Hai, a chef, by a chance encounter. Despite Fu Xi's objection at first, Dong Hai joins Wan Fu Lou and managed to boost business. Meanwhile, the flower fairy, Poinsettia, was banished to the mortal world, under the name of 'Liang Pin Hong', after Zhang Dan reported to the Jade Emperor about her love for a mortal. She vows revenge on chefs and Zhang Dan. Together with Da Feng and her immortal skills, she deals a series of blows to undermine Wan Fu Lou.

    At the same time, Dong Hai finds himself falling for Fu Xi and Da Feng also expresses his wish to court Fu Xi again. How will Wan Fu Lou turn out? Who will Fuxi choose to be with eventually?


    • Jessica Hsuan as Huang Fu Xi
    • Tay Ping Hui as Xie Dong Hai
    • Thomas Ong as Tong Da Feng
    • Ann Kok as Liang Pin Hong
    • San Yow as Kitchen God/ Zhang Dan
    • Koh Yah Hwee as Tong Tian Qing
    • Jeffrey Xu as Huang Fu Yuan
    • Romeo Tan as Ah Bang
    • Zhu Hou Ren as Huang Er Hu
    • Adam Chen as Morning
    • Hong Hui Fang as E Jie
    • May Phua as Ying Ying
    • Ye Shi Pin as Kaya
    • Yuan Shuai as Roy

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