Bold Beautiful Woman   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 我的光头岁月 (我的光頭歲月) / Wo De Guang Tou Sui Yue
    • English title: Bold Beautiful Woman
    • Also known as: 男花匠与女经理 (Nan Hua Jiang Yu Nu Jing Li) / 光头美女 (Guang Tou Mei Nu)
    • Genre: Romance, comedy
    • Episodes: 23
    • Broadcast network: YNTV
    • Broadcast period: 2008-March


    Extremely distressed by her fiancé's betrayal, He Xiu was afflicted with sudden hair loss. With no job, no boyfriend, and no hair, He Xiu was at the breaking point. That is, until a stranger saved her from herself. She got back on her feet and began looking for a job. In a case of mistaken gender, people at her new job thought she was a bald man. She decided to perpetuate this misunderstanding because no one was willing to hire a bald woman.


    • Su Yan as He Xiu / Ma He
    • Tang Zhi Ping as Jian Po
    • Zhong Xin Ling as Shui Tong
    • Che Yong Li (车永莉) as Jiang Ran Ran
    • Yuan Wei Jie (源唯傑) as Xi Kang
    • Wang Dao as Jian Ke Qiang
    • Qian Duo Duo (錢多多) as Jian Ying
    • Liu Meng Yan (劉夢燕) as Shen Ruo Yin
    • Zhang Xiao Zhong (張孝中) as Master Zhou

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Fu Xing (傅星), Liu Ying (刘瑛)
    • Producer: Li Guo Lin (李国林), Wu Ke Po (伍克波), Liu Xiao Dong (刘晓东)
    • Director: Zhu Yi (朱翊)

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