Boku no Imoto   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: ぼくの妹
    • Title (romaji): Boku no Imoto
    • Also known as: My Younger Sister
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Episodes: 11
    • Viewership rating: 7.8 (Kanto)
    • Broadcast network: TBS
    • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-19 to 2009-Jun-28
    • Air time: Sunday 21:00
    • Theme song: Futari by Ikimono-gakari


    Egami Mei is a genius surgeon, but is somehow still lacking. On the other hand, his younger sister Satsuki is poor at studying, but she has a good nature and a strength for living. "Boku no Imouto" is a human drama about these two siblings whose parents died while they were still children. Because of their different values, they are always arguing, such as when the brother finds out that his sister is having an affair with a married man. However, the siblings have also developed a strong bond that keeps them together despite their constant conflicts. But a huge and unexpected incident occurs, which threatens to shake their relationship. --Tokyograph


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    Episode Information

    Episode Subtitle Ratings
    1 I Will Protect It... My Only Bond 12.2  ?  ?
    2 The Culprit is My Little Sister...!! 09.0  ?  ?
    3 A Lie to Protect My Brother 06.7  ?  ?
    4 Confession of the Truth 07.3  ?  ?
    5 My Sister Fell in Love With a Demon 06.3  ?  ?
    6 Brother's Unreachable Voice 07.1  ?  ?
    7 The Last Fight 08.9  ?  ?
    8 A Tearful Parting... I Will Never Forget You 07.0  ?  ?
    9 Confession... I Do Not Want to Part From You 07.1  ?  ?
    10 The Operation Begins... Life's Final Battle 07.4  ?  ?
    11 Farewell... My Sister's Wedding 07.1  ?  ?
    Average 07.8  ?  ?

    Source: Video Research, Ltd.

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