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    • Title: X 元素
    • English title: Beyond
    • Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: Mediacorp Channel 8
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-24 to 2013-Jan-18
    • Air time: Weekdays 21:00-22:00
    • Opening Theme: Hu Xi by Huang Li Hui


    Welcome to the realm of the unexplained, where things are not exactly what they seem and where one can get sucked into an alternative reality or a different dimension.

    Jeanette Aw plays the protagonist gifted with the extraordinary ability to see a person as the is inside. Together with Li Nan Xing, who plays an eccentric Private Investigator in search of his missing fiancée, the duo brave challenges as they seek to unravel mysteries of the unknown dimensions.

    The intriguing investigative drama also stars Pierre Png as the pyschatrist with charisma, Shaun Chen and Xiang Yun. Each case covers 3 to 4 thrilling episodes.


    • Scott C. Hillyard (ep1-4)
    • Rayson Tan as Chen Dayu (ep5-8)
      • Edsel Lim as young Dayu (ep7)
    • Yuan Shuai as Ye Rongguang (ep5-7)
    • Jerry Yeo as Zhao Shijie (ep5-7)
    • Candyce Toh as Li Zhenwei (ep6-7)
    • Dennis Chew as Marcus Ang (ep5-8)
    • Tracer Wong as Wang Xiuli (ep5-8)
    • Nicole Foo as Chen Xiaojun (ep5-8)
    • Lyn Oh Ling En as Chen Xiaofang (ep5-8)
    • Chong Ying Shi as Wu Jiaqing (ep5-6,8)
    • Henry Thia as Yang Guoli (ep9-11)
    • Li Yue Jie as Zhang Rencun (ep9-11)
    • Wang Rui Xian as Chen Jixiang (ep9-11)
    • Cai Long as Li Pingan (ep9-11)
    • Michelle Tay as Chen Bamei (ep9-11)
    • Huang Ying En as Xiao Mei (ep9-11)
    • Sora Ma as Qiu Lixuan (ep12-14)
      • Shi Xiang Jun as young Qiu Lixuan (ep12-14)
    • Liao Yong Yi as Mingyao (ep12-14)
      • Zong Zi Jie as young Mingyao (ep12-14)
    • Zhan Wei Jie as Zhigang (ep12-14)
      • Deng Mao Jie as young Zhigang (ep12-14)
    • Chen Xiang as Liu Guowei (ep12-14, 19-20)
    • Ng Hui as Xu Wenqian (ep15-17)
    • Zhang Wei as Xu Huangzong (ep15-17)
    • Tao Ying as Bixia (ep15-17)
    • Li Shao Xiong as Ghost (ep16-17)
    • Liao Zi Xiang as Slash (ep16-17)
    • Liu De Wei as Adder (ep16-17)
    • Chen Shi En as Jiang Nian (ep18-20)
    • Su Cai Zhong as Hu Haoming (ep18-20)

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