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    • Title: 迎妻接福
    • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Ying Chai Tsip Fook / Ying Qi Jie Fu
    • English title: Best Bet
    • Genre: Romance, drama, comedy, gambling
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: TVB
    • Broadcast period: 2007-Feb-12 to 2007-Mar-09
    • Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30-22:30
    • Opening theme song: 心心相印 by Linda Chung


    A young master gambler, Hor Yi was very lucky since he was young. Hor Yi was gambling since he was 3, his parents did not bother to teach him to stop gambling. Hor Yi's childhood friend Tsang Duk Sing is a casino owner. When Hor Yi and Sing were young, Sing backstabbed Hor Yi for taking a beautiful drawing from their teacher, after that they were enemies.

    Hor Yi meets a girl named Do Lai Ying. Lai Ying hated gamblers because her father was a gambler but she didn't know Hor Yi was one when she first met him. Hor Yi really wanted Lai Ying as her wife. When Hor Yi was in a coma, Lai Ying married him to save his father. When Hor Yi awoke, Lai Ying wanted a divorce. Lai Ying promised to stay, under one condition, to stop gambling. Will he lose his wife or will Hor Yi be able to quit gambling?


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