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    • Title: ビギナーズ!
    • Title (romaji): Beginners!
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Genre: Police
    • Episodes: 10
    • Viewership rating: 07.3% (Kanto)
    • Broadcast network: TBS
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-12 start
    • Air time: Thursday 21:00
    • Theme song: WANNA BEEEE!!! by Kis-My-Ft2


    The story takes place in a police academy boarding school. Under 24 hour surveillance for 10 months, and having to follow the rules of the school: “absolute obedience,” “no cell phones,” and “no romance.” Enduring the grueling instructions from their strict instructors, their one escape from this hell was each other, or so they thought... However, the class that Shimura, Tachibana, and Momoe are put into was the “S Class,” where the misfits were grouped together. Teppei’s dream since he was a child was becoming a “marathon runner,” however, with his father’s unemployment and disappearance, his life starts to fall apart, leaving him with a past of being a well-known delinquent in his hometown. Danji was born to a wealthy family, leading a comfortable life, however, with his illness as a trigger, he stops going to school, and he goes down the wrong path. Hiro grew up in a normal household; however, as not to become a burden for her family, she opts for a realistic job of being a police officer, leading her to question herself of whether she truly wants to be one. “S Class” consists of students including former delinquent, a dropout, going in it for the money, no real aspirations, below average grades, bad health, coward, or just simply a misfit. Will they be able to get used to their strict dorm life and be able to graduate!? --TBS


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    • Date Satoru (伊達暁) as Onizuka Tatsuo (ep1-2,4,6-7,10)
    • Matsunaga Reiko as Fukuda Akiko (ep1,5-6,9-10)
    • Horiuchi Keiko as Tachibana Rinako (ep1)
    • Kadono Tetsuro (角野哲郎) (ep1,4,7)
    • Miyahira Yasuharu as a student (ep1,4)
    • Hirano Takahiro (平野貴大) as an officer (ep1, 9-10)
    • Yoshino Yumi (芳野友美) as an instructor (ep1-2,5,10)
    • Tanaka Keizo (田中啓三) as a police officer (ep2)
    • Yoshinaga Shuhei as an instructor (ep2)
    • Shimizu Shin (ep2)
    • Gregory Pekar as the English instructor (ep2)
    • Godai Takayuki as Sugiyama Katsuya (ep3,9)
    • Mori Kanna as Kosaka Machiko (ep3)
    • Sano Kazuma as Mukai Hideki (ep3)
    • Ito Shuko (伊藤修子) as Takebayashi Noriko (ep3)
    • Yamada Kenta as Kameno Kota (ep3,6)
    • Suzuki Taku (鈴木拓) as a police officer (ep3)
    • Yamazaki Masaya (山崎まさや) as owner of the ramen restaurant (ep3)
    • Watanabe Sugie (渡辺杉枝) as Sugiyama’s mother (ep3,9)
    • Kikuchi Yurie (菊池友里恵) as Mukai’s girlfriend (ep3)
    • Koyanagi Yukimi as Kameno’s mother (ep3)
    • Osako Mahiro (大硲真陽) as Ryuzaki Shinta (ep3-4,6)
    • Okunuki Kaoru as Sekine Shiho (ep3-4)
    • Tarumi Keisuke (夛留見啓助) as a student (ep4)
    • Kobayashi Hiroyuki (小林裕之) (ep4)
    • Kinoshita Chie (木下智恵) (ep4)
    • Ishikawa Yuji (石川裕司) (ep4)
    • Ono Katsuyoshi (小野克好) (ep4)
    • Hayakawa Saine (早川彩音) as a young girl (ep4)
    • Kondo Risa as a young girl (ep4)
    • Omisha Reika (大見謝伶華) as a young girl (ep4)
    • Kawashima Sana (川嶋紗南) as a young girl (ep4)
    • Inoue Reo (井上怜) (ep4)
    • Hirata Keishi (平田敬士) (ep4)
    • Ito Aoi (伊東蒼) as Hiyori (ep4)
    • Matsuo Satoru as Igarashi Tsuyoshi (ep5)
    • Matsui Daigo (松居大悟) as Suzuki Tetsuro (ep5)
    • Shibuya Kento (渋谷謙人) as Hamano Junpei (ep5)
    • Tada Masafumi (多田昌史) as a student (ep5)
    • Hirose Yuichiro (廣瀬 裕一郎) as a student (ep5)
    • Arakawa Yurieru (荒川ユリエル) as a student (ep5)
    • Hatanaka Masafumi (畠中正文) (ep6)
    • Yamamoto Eiri (山本英里) (ep6)
    • Uji Kiyotaka (宇治清高) as a student (ep7)
    • Suzuki Yuji (鈴木雄二) (ep7)
    • Satoi Kenta as Sakaguchi Akihiro (ep7-9)
    • Iwamoto Masuyo as Sekine Kiyoko (ep8)
    • Kitami Toshiyuki as Kuriya (ep8)
    • Miyaji Masako as Hosokawa Fukuko (ep8)
    • Ueki Natto (ep8)
    • Yokoyama Akio as an island residence (ep8)
    • Tachibanaya Fumizo (橘家二三蔵) as an island residence (ep8)
    • Otake Koichi (大竹浩一) as a thief (ep8)
    • Inoue Hiroshi (井上浩) (ep8)
    • Kato Yutaka (加藤裕) (ep8)
    • Goto Tsuyoshi (五刀剛) (ep8)
    • Ishihara Yoshinobu (ep8)
    • Morishita Jinsei (森下じんせい) (ep8)
    • Arai Yuichi (新居祐一) (ep8)
    • Tokui Yuu as Sugiyama Masato (ep9)
    • Nakamura Ryoji (中村僚志) as an official (ep10)
    • Mikami Satoshi (三上哲) (ep10)
    • Shiino Shigeru (椎野茂) as the announcer (ep10)

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    Episode Information

    Episode Subtitle Ratings
    01 Freedom...Youth...Romance...all that is not allowed!! Turns out, police academy is hell 08.5
    02 The day that the no-good scaredy cat becomes the hero 09.9
    03 You're only young once!! The sudden crush... 05.9
    04 Not wanting to give up 07.0
    05 Becoming one 08.1
    06 First kiss 07.6
    07 I don't wanna lose 06.5
    08 My dream becomes my goal 06.4
    09 The prequel to the finale. Towards the future you hope for! 07.1
    10 Tonight, the finale. Farewell, police academy! 05.7
    Average 07.3

    Source: Video Research, Ltd.

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