Beauty Private Kitchen   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 美人私房菜 / Mei Ren Si Fang Cai
    • English title: Beauty Private Kitchen
    • Genre: Romance, period
    • Episodes: 40
    • Broadcast network: Anhui TV
    • Broadcast period: 2016-Dec-04


    Song Yu Die, a renowned chef in the Jiangnan area, was actually a lost Song Dynasty princess. She grew up among the commoners and learned her trade from her adoptive mother. Just when she was about to marry her childhood sweetheart, she got entangled in a warfare between a Song prince and a Jin general. To settle the conflicts between the two countries, she left her beloved to marry her country's enemy.


    • Zhang Qi Jia (张荠家) as younger Li Ma
    • Bai Yu (白雨) as Lu Fei
    • Kingdom Yuen as Song Wu Shao
    • Wu Qi Jiang (吴其江) as Wanyan Ze Li
    • Wang Chun (王纯) as Lin Ji Er
    • Wu Jun as Wang Ji Xian
    • Pan Yuan Jia (潘元甲) as Xiao Hou Zi
    • Ba He (巴赫) as Lu Er Bao
    • Hu Cai Hong (胡彩虹) as Royal Consort Qin
    • Wang Wei Guo as Emperor
    • Wang Qi (王琦) as Gui Er
    • Xiao Ting Jia (肖婷佳) as Man He
    • Jia Bao Gang (贾宝刚) as Wanyan's deputy general
    • Guo Jun as Gong Quan Fu
    • Shi Xing Zhi (释行志) as Xiao Chun Zi
    • Men Guo Hui (门光伟) as A Er Ha Tu
    • Chen Ye (陈野) as Duo Luo
    • Yao Wei Nan (姚伟男) as Xiao Fu Zi
    • Wang Yue Bo (王玥波) as Storyteller
    • Chu Wen Ming (储文明) as Bi Ke Ta
    • Xu Xiao Qin (徐晓琴) as Zhang Qiao Shi
    • Zhang Yong Kang (张永康) as Ze Li's subordinate
    • Han Shuo (韩朔) as Zhou Xiang
    • Wei Ai Xin (韦蔼芯) as Xiao Cao
    • Song Xin Jia Yi (宋欣佳怡) as Jin Dou Er

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Yan Cong Hua 严从华, Yan Jian Sheng 严建升
    • Director: Liang Xin Quan 梁辛全, Liu Jia Jing 刘嘉靖
    • Screenwriter: Bo Tong 柏彤

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