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    • Title: 長不大的爸爸 (长不大的爸爸) / Chang Bu Da De Pa Pa (Zhang Bu Da De Ba Ba)
    • English title: Baby Daddy
    • Genre: Drama
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: PTS
    • Broadcast period: 2015-Jun-06 to 2015-Aug-08
    • Air time: Saturday 21:00


    Baby daddy is a man who is easily touched by small things. He is disorganize but always wants to help. He is an underdog but never backs down from a fight. He isn't aware that his friendly nature is causing great inconvenience for his family.


    • Zhang Shu Hao as Zhang Bo Yan 張博彥
    • Ivelyn Lee as Pan Xiu Hui 潘秀慧
    • Nylon Chen as Hu Ming Han 胡明翰
    • Aggie Hsieh as Linda Zhou 周曉彤
    • Ni Ni (霓霓) as daughter
    • Lin Mei Zhao (林美照) as Wu Fen Fen 吳芬芬
    • He Yi Hang (賀一航) as Pan Qing Feng 潘慶豐
    • Luo Ke Bing (洛可杉) as A Qian 阿欽
    • Yan Zheng Guo (顏正國) as A Wei 阿威
    • Wang Jing Guan (王鏡冠) as Xing Wang 興旺
    • Mi Ke Bai (米可白) as Chen Yi Jing 陳怡靜
    • Wu Ming Zhu (吳明珠)
    • You Long Shu (尤瓏澍)
    • Xu Yi De (許毅德)
    • Hou Yan Xi (侯彥西)
    • Wu Yi Han (吳以涵)
    • Sun Shu Mei (孫淑媚)
    • Gao Meng Jie (高盟傑)
    • Ye Ci Yu (葉慈毓)

    Production Credits

    • Producer:
    • Director:
    • Screenwriter:

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