Apple In Your Eye   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 妹妹 / Mei Mei
    • English title: Apple In Your Eye
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 13
    • Broadcast network: TTV
    • Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-08-2014-Oct-31
    • Air time: Friday 22:00
    • Opening theme song: Zhou Le (走了) by Luan Tan A Xiang 亂彈阿翔
    • Ending theme song: Xin Su (新宿) by Amber An


    Zhou Ji Wei always wanted to be Dai Yao Qi's little sister because his grandmother treated her like a princess whenever she went to his house. At home, she was the invisible, unwanted third child. When he moved away, she realized that she didn't want to be his sister. She just wanted to be with him.


    • Gu De Li (古理德) as child Yao Qi
    • Ella Wilkins (吳若瑄) as child Ji Wei
    • Ahn Zhe (安哲) as Yuan Fang 袁方
    • Mo Yun Wen (莫允雯) as Fang Shao Min
    Zhou family
    • Phoebe Huang as Mama Zhou 周媽
    • Hsia Ching Ting as Papa Zhou 周爸
    • Lai Pei Ying (賴佩瑩) as Zhou Ji Xuan 周繼萱
    • Patty Wu (吳怡霈) as Zhou Ji Ru 周繼茹
    Dai Family
    • Ding Ye Tian (丁也恬) as Grandma Dai 戴奶奶
    • Joy Pan as Mrs. Pan 戴媽媽
    • Li Li Shu (林立書) as Dai Li Chen 戴立晨
    • Lin Mei Xiu as Mei Jie 美姊
    • Wu Ding Qian (吳定謙) as A Bin 阿斌
    • Li Zheng Da (勵政達) as Li Zheng 立正
    • Zhou Ming Fu (周洺甫) as A Guang 阿光
    • Zhang Ting Hu as Xiao Se 小色
    • Liu Lu Cun (劉祿存) as Xiao Suang 小爽
    • Yang Xiao Jun (楊孝君) as Xiao Feng 小風
    • Mo Tzu Yi as Zhang Zhi Xun 張志勳
    • Lin Chen Xi as Xiao Yun 小芸
    • Huang Jian Wei as San Mi 三米
    • Ye Ci Yu (葉慈毓) as Mickey
    • Zhong Xin Ling as Teacher
    • Luo Bei An as Chuck Molière
    • Qian De Men as Lao Zheng 老鄭
    • Yang Li Yin as Xiao Feng's mother 小風的母親

    Production Credits

    • Production Company: Qinai Studio Ltd. (親愛的工作室有限公司)
    • Screenwriter: Hsu Yu Ting
    • Producer: Pan Wei Ling (潘瑋翎), Chen Zhu Sheng (陳竹昇)
    • Director: Chen Rong Hui (陳戎暉)

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