Angel Heart   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: エンジェル・ハート
    • Title (English): Angel Heart
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Genre: Action, suspense
    • Episodes: 9
    • Viewership ratings: 9.10%
    • Broadcast network: NTV
    • Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-11 to 2015-Dec-06
    • Air time: Sunday 22:30
    • Theme song: Save me by Nishiuchi Mariya


    Saeba Ryo, the lead character of "City Hunter," comes off as an easily flattered guy. His true identity is that of a city hunter - a brilliant sweeper. Upon request, he sets out on the streets to "sweep" away the bad guys and teach them a lesson. This is how he earns a living. His partner Makimura Kaori takes care of him and they do everything they can to be there for each other. "Angel Heart" begins where these two find themselves in a desperate situation - Kaori suffers a freak accident, which leads to her untimely demise.

    In the midst of all this, a mysterious beautiful girl named Xiang Ying enters Ryo's life. It turns out that Xiang Ying is a heart transplant recipient, and the heart that she received belonged to the brain dead Kaori. Xiang Ying got another chance at life, thanks to Kaori's heart! Just what is Xiang Ying's true identity? As Kaori lives on within Xiang Ying, what will become of her relationship with Ryo? -- NTV


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    • Ozawa Maju as Kawamoto Reiko (ep1)
    • Nomaguchi Toru as Suzuki Kengo (ep1)
    • Imamura Yoshino (今村実乃) as Seta Minori (ep1)
    • Taira Hideki (平家秀樹) as a gangster (ep1)
    • Ito Ryusuke (伊藤竜翼) as a gangster (ep1)
    • Katsurayama Shingo as Makimura Hideyuki, Kaori's older brother (ep2,6)
    • Godfrey Nwaeme (ゴッドフリー ヌワエメ) as Halill (ep2)
    • Abedin (アベディーン) as a kebab seller (ep2)
    • Suzuki Koji (鈴木幸二) as yakuza arrested by Nogami Saeko (ep2)
    • Maegawa Kazuya (前川和也) as a yakuza (ep2)
    • Kouno Masayuki (河野マサユキ) as a yakuza (ep2)
    • Hotaru Yukijiro as Tome (ep3)
    • Yamada Kinuo (山田キヌヲ) as Sato, Miki's mother (ep3)
    • Deguchi Takashi (出口高司) (ep3)
    • Maeda Koshin (前田こうしん) (ep3)
    • Gozu Takeo (五頭岳夫) (ep3)
    • Ota Rie (太田理恵) as a bookstore employee (ep3)
    • Toba Jun as Takahata Minoru (ep4)
    • Takada Riho as Kuramoto Ayana (ep4)
      • Hayashi Kaho (林香帆) as young Ayana (ep4)
    • Nakagawa Mao (中川真桜) as Kuramoto Saori (ep4)
    • Asaka Mayumi as Ayana's mother (ep4)
    • Nakamura Yuji (中村ゆうじ) as oden shop vendor (ep4)
    • Hinokio Kenta (檜尾健太) as Club Emperor employee (ep4)
    • Yokoe Yasunori (横江泰宣) (ep4)
    • Nagasawa Remon (永澤伶門) (ep4)
    • Emi Hidehiko (恵美秀彦) (ep4)
    • Arai Takahito (荒井隆人) (ep4)
    • Okayama Kazuyuki (岡山和之) (ep4)
    • Iwaki Koichi as Hayakawa Shunsuke (ep5)
    • Maeda Aki as Bai Lan (ep5)
    • Inoue Hiroo (井上裕朗) as Hayakawa's subordinate (ep5)
    • Kino Masato (城野マサト) as Hayakawa's subordinate (ep5)
    • Yamada Momoka as young girl who ran away from home (ep5)
    • Goto Tsuyoshi (五刀剛) as man chasing after Bai Lan (ep5)
    • Shibuya Kento (渋谷謙人) as Toyama (ep6)
    • Matsuda Momoka (松田百香) as a jewelry store employee (ep6)
    • Ishii Momoka as Kayano Yume (ep7)
    • Matsumoto Wakana as Takanami Haruka (ep7)
    • Mizuhashi Kenji as Kayano Eisuke, Mad Dog (ep7)
    • Kato Toranosuke as Kazama Masaomi, Dog Walker (ep7)

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