An Angel's Happiness   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 天使的幸福 / Tian Shi De Xing Fu
    • English title: Angelo
    • Also known as: Happiness of an Angel
    • Genre: Modern drama, romance
    • Episodes: 30
    • Broadcast period: 2017-May-22 start
    • Broadcast network: Mango TV
    • Air time: 18:00
    • Related TV Show: Thank You


    Xiaohan, who runs a small lodge, is the prettiest girl in the little village on Baisha Island. Her humble background and lowly education makes her unconfident, yet she is still optimistic, hoping for her very own happiness. Jieluo is the haughty son of a woman who is in command of a big business group. He was asked by his mother to help her in renovating some parts of the island, and thus lived in Xiao Han's lodge. When Jieluo was trying to purchase some land, he ran into problems which were soon solved with the help of Xiaohan. Their personalities are miles apart, but when they got to know each other through working together, they slowly fell in love. However, Jieluo's mother was against them being together and wanted Xiaohan to leave Jieluo in exchange for the continuation of the island's renovation project. For the good of the island, Xiao Han reluctantly agreed. This dealt a great blow to Jieluo, and finding Xiaohan became his only job...


    • Ming Dao as An Jieluo
    • Liu Shi Shi as Li Xiaohan
    • Tang Zhen as Li Yiping
    • Xu Zheng Xi as Jiang Feng'en
    • Jessie Chiang (江语晨) as Xu Yuyun
    • Hong Zi Lin (洪紫琳) as Xiao Xi
    • Anthony Hsieh (安东尼) as Ah Xu (Xiao Han's younger brother)
    • Tian Miao (田淼) as An Jieluo's mother
    • Ge Lei as Jiang Feng'en's mother
    • Wang Meng Li (王萌黎) as Weiwei (nurse, Xiaohan's friend)
    • Lv Jia Rong as Yan Youfang (Jieluo's ex-girlfriend)
    • Liu Jin (刘金) as village chief
    • Xiao Xiang Fei (肖向飞) as Meng De (physician)
    • An Long (安龙) as Ah Sheng (Xiao Xi's ex-boyfriend)
    • Xu Yuan as Junjun

    Production Credits


    • Filming period: 2011-Oct-24 to 2012-Jan-17 (3 months)
    • Filming location: Sanya
    • A 15 minutes trailer has been released but this drama was permanently banned from airing on national television stations due to sensitivity regarding HIV / AIDS.

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