Amagi Goe (TBS)   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: 天城越え (あまぎごえ)
    • Title (romaji): Amagi Goe
    • Title (English): Crossing Mt. Amagi
    • Format: Tanpatsu
    • Genre: Mystery
    • Broadcast network: TBS
    • Broadcast date: 1998-Jan-01


    The year is 1926. Unhappy with his drunken father and the constant bickering, 15-year-old Takichi runs away from home to Mt. Amagi. During his lonely escapade, he meets interesting characters, including a beautiful prostitute named Hana. They stumble upon a drifter who is later found dead. Hana is implicated in the murder, but she is released for the lack of evidence. Thirty years later, they've gone on with their separate lives. Takichi hears of Hana's whereabouts from a retired police investigator. He embarks on yet another journey to find her...


    Production Credits

    • Original writing: Matsumoto Seicho (松本清張)
    • Screenplay: Kaneko Narito (金子成人)
    • Producer: Oka Susumu (大岡進)


    • There is also a NHK tanpatsu drama from 1978 by the same name.

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