Alice in Wonder City   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 給愛麗絲的奇蹟 (给爱丽丝的奇迹) / Kai Ai Li Shi De Chi Chi (Gei Ai Li Si De Qi Ji)
    • English title: Alice in Wonder City
    • Also known as: Give Alice A Miracle
    • Genre: Human drama
    • Episodes: 15
    • Broadcast network: CTS
    • Broadcast period: 2012-May-20 to 2012-Sep-08
    • Air time: Sunday 22:00
    • Original soundtrack: Alice in Wonder City OST


    He Ting Yu is a famous violinist who's just returned from an overseas tour. Chen Hai Jie is a hardworking dreamer who came to the big city to become a world class violin player. Lan Die Fei is a charming girl who has a beautiful voice and an ear for pitch. Alice is a mysterious girl from Japan who wonders the streets searching for the secrets of her past.

    The seeds of their dreams are planted in the city; they are all waiting to see if one day the seeds will grow to bear fruit.


    • Aaron Yan as He Ting Yu 賀霆宇
    • Xiu Jie Kai as Chen Hai Jie 陳海傑
    • Lara Veronin as Lan Die Fei 藍蝶菲
    • Yang Gui Mei as Jin Li Sha 金莉莎
    • Tracy Chou as Alice / Ito Seiko 伊藤聖子
    • Lin Li Yang as Tang Jin Cang 唐晉滄
    • Cherry Hsia as Lan Yu Shu 藍語書
    • Xuan Ye Ke Fang (萱野可芳) as Su Mei Mei 蘇美玫
    • Xiang Yu Jie as Chen Hai Na 陳海娜
    • Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞) as Ju Li Ren 居里仁
    • Long Chen Han (隆宸翰) as Li Yun 李雲
    • Chen Yan Ru (陳彥儒) as A Pan 阿潘
    • Lin Xiao Yun (林筱芸) as Yu Xi Liu 雲西柳
    • Kagami Tomohisa (加賀美智久) as SJ (Sasaki Junior)
    • Lisa Wang as Tong Bao Yun 童寶雲
    • Zhang Qiong Zi (張瓊姿) as He Man Yi 賀曼衣
    • Angel He as Shu 樹
    • Liu Yu Jing (劉宇菁) as Gra
    • Long Tian Xiang (龍天翔) as Chen's father 陳父
    • Liu Mei Ling (劉美玲) as Chen's mother 陳母
    • George Zhang as George

    Production Credits

    • Director: Wang Li Wen 王麗文
    • Screenwriter: Wu Luo Ying

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