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    • Title: 悪夢ちゃん
    • Title (romaji): Akumu-chan
    • Genre: Science fiction, comedy
    • Broadcast network: NTV


    • Format: Renzoku
    • Episodes: 11
    • Viewership rating: 11.5% (Kanto)
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-13 to 2012-Dec-22
    • Air time: Saturday 21:00
    • Theme song: Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi yo by Momoiro Clover Z


    In this world of uncertainty, would we be happier if we could predict the future...?

    What would you do if all of your dreams had a way of coming true...including nightmares? Beautiful and young, Ayami has a solid reputation as a dedicated and reliable elementary teacher, but her true character is solely clandestine. Ayami does not believe in love and trust, and her values make her oblivious to other people’s matters. Almost devious, she is always scheming so she never has to deal with responsibility and troubles that spur around her. One day, a new student Yuiko enrolls in her home-room class. It does not take long for Ayami to find out that Yuiko has an ability to predict the future through the dreams she sees in her sleep; dreams which are symbolic and require proper interpretation to understand the upcoming occurrences. But when Yuiko begins to have nightmares of people around them, Ayami, though unwillingly, must team up with Yuiko to try to change the tragic fate of those around them... But can they properly assess what Yuiko’s nightmares truly mean and change what may already be destined?

    Akumu-chan is a family drama enjoyable from kids to adults, packed with excitement and fun fantastic visuals with a pinch of humor that shows how Ayami learns the true meaning of life. Each episode will transport the viewer to a bizarre and seemingly paranormal dream world that is a fantasy-filled treat to the eye and an oneirocritical ride for the mind! --NTV


    Correlation chart

    Class 5-2


    • Aida Shoko as Miu’s mother (ep1)
    • Ueda Koichi as Kabuto (ep1)
    • Yoshikura Aoi (ep1,5-8,11)
    • Kudo Asuka (ep1-11)
    • Terakawa Rina (ep1-11)
    • Oshimi Teshin (押見鉄心) as a teacher (ep1-11)
    • Oda Ryuko (織田龍光) as a teacher (ep1-11)
    • Sakura Koji (佐倉孝治) as a teacher (ep1-11)
    • Yokomizo Chie (横溝千恵) as a teacher (ep1-11)
    • Kondo Satsuki (近藤さつき) as a teacher (ep1-11)
    • Ono Mariko (大野マリ子) as a teacher (ep1-11)
    • Asaki Nobuyuki (浅木信幸) (ep1)
    • Tsuji Shinobu (辻しのぶ) (ep1)
    • Katayama Sadahiko (片山定彦) (ep1)
    • Okuse Shigeru (奥瀬繁) (ep1,5)
    • Uesugi Yuki (上杉勇輝) (ep1)
    • SION as Nakahara (ep2,11)
    • Takahashi Hitomi as owner of bar Uwabami (ep2)
    • Hinata Nanami as Nakahara Terumi (ep2,11)
    • Tachihara Mai as Toma's mother (ep2)
    • Hamachika Takanori as Rovers' coach (ep2)
    • Asami Himeka as Adachi Mika (ep3)
    • Sawaguchi Kanako (澤口夏奈子) as Mika's mother (ep3)
    • Okuyama Shiki (奥山志紀) as Yoshikawa (ep3)
    • Fukuda Maya (福田茉耶) as a student (ep3)
    • Owada Airi (大和田愛理) as a student (ep3)
    • Takei Aino (竹井愛乃) as a student (ep3)
    • Ishige Akira (石毛晟) (ep3)
    • Nishiyama Mayuko as Koizumi Kiyoko (ep4)
    • Takahashi Kazuya as Kiyotaka's tutor (ep4)
    • Fujimoto Hiru (藤本飛龍) as Koizumi Kiyotaka (ep4)
    • Suzuki Fuku as Uehara Ryu (ep5,11)
    • Furukawa Rika as Sho/Ryu's mother (ep5)
    • Kusano Toru (草野とおる) as Sho/Ryu's father (ep5)
    • Hayashida Kazue (林田かずえ) as a train station attendant (ep5)
    • Inoue Hiroo (井上裕朗) as a police officer (ep5)
    • Morio Yumi as Shimizu Asako (ep6,11)
    • Mimoto Ayaka (三本采香) as Koto Namiko (ep6-8,11)
    • Fuse Eri as Sawaguchi (ep6)
    • Morishita Yoshiyuki as Kawabata Makio (ep6)
    • Tochihara Rino (栃原梨乃) as Sato Reiko (ep6)
    • Takano Keiichi (高野恵一) as Sato Miku's father (ep6)
    • Noguchi Naomi (野口直美) (ep6)
    • Tanaka Tetsushi as Detective Haruyama (ep6-11)
    • Goda Masashi as a suspect (ep7)
    • Ohno Takuro as Murasawa Naoya (ep7,11)
      • Hayashi Roi (林遼威) as young Murasawa Naoya (ep7)
    • Masuda Hidehiko (増田英彦) (ep7)
    • Nakayama Yuichiro (中山祐一朗) (ep7)
    • Kuwahata Satoshi (桑畑智伺) (ep7)
    • Shimamura Shoji (嶋村昇次) (ep7)
    • Tawara Hiroki (俵広樹) (ep7)
    • Hinagata Akiko as Higuchi Noriko (ep8)
    • Omiya Taro as Higuchi Takeshi (ep8)
    • Hara Mikie as Bando Shiori (ep8)
    • Naito Tomoya (内藤トモヤ) as Higuchi Takeshi’s supervisor (ep8)
    • Horiguchi Keikou (堀口敬功) (ep8)
    • Kabira Jay as Tommy Lee (ep9-10)
    • Nose Anna as Sister X (ep9-11)
    • Waki Tomohiro as Tsukimoto Nao's brother (ep9)
    • Kagoshima Jiro (カゴシマジロー) as the taxi driver (ep9)
    • Yuki Sanae as a news reporter (ep9-10)
    • Cornelia Roman (コルネリアロマン) (ep9)
    • Fujimura Shiho as Sister Marika (ep9-11)
    • Kamimura Aika (上村愛香) (ep10)
    • Tateishi Ryo (立石亮) (ep10)
    • Mizusawa Kaoru (水沢薫) (ep11)

    Episode Information

    Episode Subtitle Ratings
    01 An appointed dream 13.6
    02 Tea(Team)-Dream 10.7
    03 Crea(Cream)-Dream 12.9
    04 Ja(Jama/In the way)-Dream 10.4
    05 Ho(Hole)-Dream 12.8
    06 Chi(Child)-Dream 11.5
    07 Boo-Dream 11.5
    08 My-Dream 11.5
    09 Mina(Everyone)-Dream 10.4
    10 Tai(Arrested)-Dream 09.8
    11 Dolly-Dream 11.2
    Average --

    Source: Video Research, Ltd.


    Akumu-chan Special

    Akumu-chan Special
    • Format: Tanpatsu
    • Genre: Science fiction, comedy
    • Episodes: 1
    • Broadcast Date: 2014-May-02
    • Air time: Friday 21:00


    Correlation Chart

    Extended Cast
    • Momota Kanako (百田 夏菜子) (cameo)
    • Sasaki Ayaka (佐々木 彩夏) (cameo)
    • Ariyasu Momoka (有安 杏果) (cameo)
    • Takagi Reni (高城 れに) (cameo)
    • Sano Hinako as Murano Ikumi

    Production Credits

    External Links

    Summer 2012 NTV Winter 2013
    Ghost Mama Sousasen Season 1 Saturday 21:00 Nakuna, Hara-chan

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