Akai Giwaku (1975)   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: 赤い疑惑
    • Title (romaji): Akai Giwaku
    • Also known as: Red Suspicion
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Episodes: 29
    • Genre: Drama, romance
    • Viewership ratings: 23.4%
    • Broadcast network: TBS
    • Broadcast period: 1975-Oct-03 to 1976-Apr-16
    • Theme song: Arigatou Anata by Yamaguchi Momoe
    • Related TV show: Akai Giwaku (TBS, 2005)


    Sachiko is the 17-year old daughter of radiotherapist Professor Oshima. After exposure to radiation in the hospital, she develops leukemia. As if that was not enough trouble for one lifetime, discovers that Oshima is not her real father, and that her boyfriend is really her half brother.


    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Ishimatsu Yoshihiro (石松愛弘), Yasumoto Kanji (安本莞二), Kamoi Tatsuhiko (鴨井達比古), Hashida Sugako
    • Producer: Nozoe Kazuko (野添和子), Yamamoto Norisuke (山本典助)
    • Director: Segawa Masaharu (瀬川昌治), Kunihara Toshiaki (国原俊明), Furuhata Yasuo (降旗康男), Tomimoto Sokichi (富本壮吉), Doi Shigeru
    • Music: Kikuchi Shunsuke

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