Aishiteru   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: アイシテル
    • Title (romaji): Aishiteru
    • Broadcast network: NTV
    • Genre: Human drama

    Season 1

    • Title: アイシテル~海容~
    • Title (romaji): Aishiteru~Kaiyo~
    • Title (English): I Love You~Forgiveness~
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Episodes: 10
    • Viewership rating: 14.7 (Kanto)
    • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-15 to 2009-Jun-17
    • Air time: Wednesday 22:00
    • Theme songs:


    Typical mother Noguchi Satsuki spent her days trying to balance her life as a wife to her hard-working husband Kazuhiko and mother to their only son Tomoya, a seemingly withdrawn fifth-grader with whom Satsuki struggled to communicate. Seiko and Ozawa Hideaki, living in the same neighborhood as the Noguchi family, were raising a rebellious junior high school daughter Mihoko and their first son Kiyotaka a second-grader who was showered with much love and affection by his mother.

    On that ill-fated day when Kiyotaka was reported missing and was later found dead, Tomoya was taken into custody by police as the prime murder suspect. Tomoya slowly begins to open up about his innermost feelings as the hidden truth reveals the true motive behind his cruel act of violence. Satsuki, as mother of the perpetrator, comes face-to-face with her son's true self while Seiko, as mother of the victim, deals with her sorrow and anger. --NTV


    Correlation chart

    Noguchi Family

    Ozawa Family

    Tomita Family

    Morita Family



    Production Credits

    Episode Ratings

    Episode Kanto Kansai Nationwide
    01 13.2  ??.?  ??.?
    02 13.7  ??.?  ??.?
    03 14.2  ??.?  ??.?
    04 13.0  ??.?  ??.?
    05 14.8  ??.?  ??.?
    06 13.9  ??.?  ??.?
    07 14.0  ??.?  ??.?
    08 15.6  ??.?  ??.?
    09 16.6  ??.?  ??.?
    10 18.6  ??.?  ??.?
    Average 14.7  ??.?  ??.?

    Source: Video Research, Ltd.



    • Title: アイシテル~絆~
    • Title (romaji): Aishiteru~Kizuna~
    • Title (English): I Love You~Bonds~
    • Format: Tanpatsu
    • Viewership rating: 13.3% (Kanto)
    • Broadcast date: 2011-Sep-21
    • Air time: 21:00-22:48
    • Theme song: Aishiteru by MONKEY MAJIK


    Years later, after Tomoya has already grown up into an adult. Mukai plays the part of Tomoya, while Okada plays the role of the younger brother Naoto who was born at the end of the original series. The story is mainly told from Naoto's perspective, painfully growing up as the younger brother of a killer. Mizukawa plays Naoto's girlfriend Kana. --Tokyograph


    Correlation chart

    Production Credits

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