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    • Title: アゲイン!!
    • Title (romaji): Agein!!
    • Title (English): Again!!
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Genre: School, romance, comedy
    • Episodes: 10
    • Viewership ratings: TBD
    • Broadcast network: TBS and MBS
    • Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-21 to 2014-Sep-22 (MBS) / 2014-Jul-23 to 2014-Oct-01 (TBS)
    • Air time: Sunday 24:50-25:20 (MBS) / Tuesday 25:11-25:41 (TBS)
    • Opening theme: SUPERSTAR by Johnny's West
    • Ending theme: Yume wo Dakishimete by Johnny's West


    Imamura Kinichiro ends high school life with not a single thing; no friends or even memories. After the graduation ceremony, he for some reason goes back in time to the morning of the enrollment ceremony three years ago, and has a second chance at high school life. Contrary to Kinichiro’s expectations about the tedium of repeating the three years, the head cheerleader Usami calls out to him, and he sets out on a completely new high school life.


    Correlation chart
    • Kusumi Koharu (久住小春) as Abe Tama
    • Okano Maya (岡野真也) as Fujieda Akira
    • Okayasu Tabibito (岡安旅人) as Okamoto Masaki
    • Watanabe Yutaro (渡辺佑太朗) as Okuma Tatsuhiko
    • Miyazato Shun (宮里駿) as Suzuki Kazufumi
    • Sato Ryo as Ema
    • Ishizaki Natsumi as Chie
    • Koseda Mayu (小瀬田麻由) as Nami
    • Hirama Shogo (平間彰吾) as Nao
    • Makimura Senzaburo (牧村泉三郎) as Teahcer Kocho
    • Fuji Natsuko (藤夏子) as Ba-chan
    • Abe Nanami (阿部菜渚美) as Hitomi
    • Hamano Kenta (浜野謙太) as Iwasaki Chihiro

    Production Credits

    • Original work: Manga Again!! by Kubo Mitsuro (久保ミツロウ)
    • Screenwriter: Takayama Naoya, Inamoto Tatsuro (稲本達郎), Kawashima Sumino (川嶋澄乃), Moriyama Akemi (森山あけみ)
    • Chief producer: Maeda Toshihiro (前田利洋), Nagamatsuya Taro (長松谷太郎), Maruyama Hiroo
    • Producer: Fukasako Yasuyuki, Miyamae Yasushi (宮前泰志), Uno Kou (宇野航)
    • Director: Ri Toshio (李闘士男), Fukasako Yasuyuki
    • Music: Adachi Neri (安達練)

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