A Good Day   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 美好年代 / Mei Hao Nian Dai
    • English title: A Good Day
    • Genre: Life
    • Episodes: 73
    • Broadcast network: CTS
    • Broadcast period: 2016-Jul-12 to 2016-Oct-21
    • Air time: Mon - Thur 20:00-22:00
    • Opening theme song:
      • Cheers (乾杯) by Mayday
      • Here, After, Us (後來的我們) by Mayday
    • Ending theme song:
      • Shi Nian Hou (十年後) by Liu Ruo Ying (劉若英)
      • Hai Shi Xiang Nian (還是想念) by Jia Jia (家家)


    When a group of old friends was brought back together by a wedding, they began reminiscing their good old days which began on the day when famous singer Teresa Teng died in 1995. A light-hearted drama about a group of friends' growing pains.


    • Eugenie Liu as Wen Xiao Guang 溫小光
    • Bruce Hung (布魯斯) as Jiang Xin Yuan 江心遠
    • An Jun Peng (安俊朋) as Gu Jun Peng 顧俊朋
    • Hwang In Deok as Ji Jie 季杰
    • Yang Ming Wei as Wu Bo Qi 吳博啟
    • Guo Wen Yi (郭文頤) as Bao Lin Lin 包琳琳
    • Ikehata Leina (池端玲名/池端レイナ) as Jiang An Ni 蔣安妮
    Wen family
    • Kay Huang as Deng Li Fang 鄧麗芳
    • Ma Nian Xian as Wen Guang De 溫廣德
    • Xu Song Yu (徐崧育) as Wen Da Wei 溫大威
    • Mei Fang (梅芳) as Grandma Wen 溫阿嬤
    • Jiang Li Li (蔣黎麗) as Wen Da Juan 溫大娟
    • Yang Qin Ni (楊琴妮) as Wen Xiao Juan 溫小娟
    Jiang family
    • John Chen (陳志強) as Jiang Tie Xiong 江鐵雄
    • Zheng Ya Yun (鄭雅勻) as Jiang Xin Yi 江心怡
    Gu family
    Bao family
    • Riva Chang as Ceng Tian Mei 曾甜美
    • Shao Xin (邵昕) as Bao Da Ren 包達仁
    • Yako Chan as You You 悠悠

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Wang Pei Hua (王珮華)
    • Director: Ming Jin Cheng (明金成), Tsai Dong Wen (蔡東文)
    • Screenwriter: Zhang Qi En (張綺恩), Li Jie Yu (李婕瑀), Hong Jia Jun (洪嘉均), Chen Qiu Ru (陳秋茹)

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