49   (Japanese Drama)

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    • Title: 49
    • Format: Renzoku
    • Genre: School drama
    • Episodes: 11
    • Viewership rating: 2.5
    • Broadcast network: NTV
    • Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-05 to 2013-Dec-28
    • Air time: Saturday 24:50
    • Theme song: A MY GIRL FRIEND by Sexy Zone


    Kagami Dan is a 16-year old first year high school student who is neither good in his studies nor in sports. He tends to coop himself up in his room, but one day, the spirit of his dead father possesses his body! With his father's skills, he soon becomes the ace of the basketball team, and captures the heart of the school Madonna, Minaduki Mana. Suddenly, life at school becomes all rosy, surrounded by good friends and liked by all. However, his friends soon begin to suspect the secret behind the change in him...

    His father can only stay in his body for 49 days, after which what will happen to Dan and the spirit of his father? Will Dan be able to find his true self from this experience? Or will it be the end of Dan?


    Correlation chart
    • Sato Shori as Kagami Dan
    • Jinguji Yuta as Inoue Satoshi
    • Yamamoto Maika as Takami Sachi
    • Yasui Kentaro as Yashiro Kenta
    • Nishino Nanase as Minazuki Mana
    • Nomura Masumi as Kagami Yuko
    • Konno Mahiru as Kagami Aiko
    • Kyan Yutaka (喜矢武豊) as Kiryu Tetsuya
    • Teranishi Takuto (寺西拓人) as Sawamura Shogo
    • Morita Myuto (森田美勇人) as Mochida Jun
    • Shimekake Ryuya (七五三掛龍也) as Masuyama Kaito
    • Takahashi Fu (髙橋颯) as Hiroi Satoshi
    • Abe Aran as Tajima Yuki
    • Haniuda Amu (羽生田挙武) as Fushimi Go
    • Fukagawa Mai as Kuwahata Sonoko
    • Hamura Jinsei
    • Sakai Toshiya as Takami Haruki (ep2)
    • Kiryuuin Sho (鬼龍院翔) as himself (ep8)
    • Utahiroba Jun (歌広場淳) as himself (ep8)
    • Darvish Kenji (樽美酒研二) as himself (ep8)

    Episode Ratings

    Episode Episode title Ratings
    01 3.1
    02 2.7
    03 3.2
    04 2.4
    05 2.6
    06 1.7
    07 2.8
    08 1.8
    09 2.6
    10 2.2
    11 2.0
    Average 2.5

    Source: Video Research, Ltd.

    Production Credits

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