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    • Title: 33故事館 / 33 Gu Shi Guan
    • English title: 33 Story-House
    • Genre: Romance, Drama
    • Broadcast network: STV
    • Opening theme song: Glory Days (美好歲月) by Kay Huang
    • Ending theme song: Jump Start Love (開啟愛) by Zero+


    A rental ad for 33 Story-House brings strangers together from all walks of life. Strangers become roommates, and roommates become soul mates.

    Actors and actresses in each story used improvisational acting techniques to portrait the characters living in 33 Story-House.

    Season 1

    • Episodes: 11
    • Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-08 ~ 2011-Mar-23
    • Air time: Sundays 21:00 - 23:00

    Special Story

    • Title: YO天使 / Yo Tian Shi
    • Also known as: YO-Angel

    Zhang Chengyou, a unemployed manga artist, just lost his girlfriend and has just been staying in his house ever since. But everything changes when Yoyo moves in to his house. She cooks food for him, cleans the house and even pays the rent he hasn't handed-in. Slowly Chengyou rise from his depression and starts working, all thanks to Yoyo. But there's a secret Yoyo is hiding from Chengyou...

    • Jing Bo Ran as Zhang Cheng You
    • Guo Shu Yao as Meng Lin/ Meng Yao "Yoyo"
    • Tang Chuan (唐川) as Mai Ye (the landlord)
    Insert songs
    • Warm Hands (暖暖手) by Jing Bo Ran & Guo Shuyao
    • Tik-Tak-Toe (井字游戏) by Jing Bo Ran
    • The Day I Left You (离开你那天) by Guo Shuyao

    Story 1

    • Title: 落跑冤家 / Lao Pao Yuan Jia
    • Also known as: The Runaway Foes

    Newanchor Ji Fenni runs away on her wedding day, but what she wasn't counting on was that her bridegroom, Li Wei - the son of the owner of Dong Ci Incorp., also ran away from the wedding on the same day. With nowhere to go and only 15 yuan in her pocket, Fenni was glad when she finally found a place to stay. But ironically Li Wei had also found the same place to hide from the public media. To decide who should stay and who should leave that place, the landlady Mai Dangna came up with a competition. They have to earn their own leaving and food support without using their status influence, the one who is able to earn most money in the end without cheating wins. Let the competition begin.

    Insert songs
    • Bo Bee (保庇) by Lotus Wang (Taiwanese version of T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep)
    • Secretly in Love (偷偷的爱) by Cynthia Wang
    • In Happy Mood (心花開) by PICKS 痞克四

    Story 2

    • Title: 假面巧克力 / Jia Mian Qiao Ke Li
    • Also known as: Fake Chocolate
    • Wang Zi as Qiu Ke Li
    • Nikki Deng (邵庭) as Lin Yan
    • Jin Wen (僅雯) as Mai Sheng Qi
    • Linna (薰) as Xiao Bo
    • Zhuang Wei Xiang (莊惟翔)

    Story 3

    • Title: 魚干女變鳳凰 / Yu Gan Nu Bian Feng Huang
    • Also known as: Dried-Fish Girl Turns To Phoenix

    Superstar Li Dake makes a bet with his ex-girlfriend Chanel. If he can turn Chanel's high school classmate Zhu Xiaoqian in just 3 months into the winner of the Web Phoenix-Angel Competition, then he gets his house and the scandal-CD back. But how do you turn a dried-fish girl into a phoenix?

    • Afalean Lu (盧學叡) as Li Da Ke
    • Connie Luo (羅康妮) as Zhu Xiao Qian
    • Akio Chen as Mai Gou Guang (the landlord)

    Story 4

    • Title: 宅配男女 / Zai Pei Nan Nu
    • Also known as: The In-Doors Couple
    • Xiu Jie Kai as Zhai Nan
    • Fang You Xin (方宥心) as Guo Ting Ting
    • Anna Lee (李安娜) as Yu Ru
    • Gao Shan Feng (高山峰) as Mai Ge Kaer (the landlord)
    • Ariel Ann as Zhang Mei Mei

    Story 5

    • Title: 星期三的寂寞 / Xing Qi Shan De Ji Mo
    • Also known as: Wednesday's Loneliness

    Gu Huaxing has 7 girlfriends, one for each day in the week. Some are envy of him and some thinks that he's a playboy. One of them are Mei Ailian, his roommate, a postgraduate Ph.D student in Chinese Literature who is writing on her final thesis. Unable to work, because Huaxing always takes his girlfriends with him home, so Ailian goes to the landlady to complain. So the landlady decides that they can only bring friends with them home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That's when all the trouble begins...


    Story 6

    • Title: 捉刀手艾小華 / Zuo Dao Shou Ai Xiao Hua
    • Also known as: Ghostwriter Ai Xiao Hua
    • Jay Shih as Wu Jun Cai
    • Gina Lin as Ai Xiao Hua
    • Tony Fish (余炳賢/大炳) as Mai Da Bing (the landlord)

    Story 7

    • Title: 幸福裡的愛情 / Xing Fu Li De Ai Qing
    • Also known as: The Love in Happiness

    Ye Er and Jie Xin are best friends who moves in together in Mai Fanlao's house. But they are to scared that thieves might rob the house, so they put out an ad for a male-roommate to move in with. At first they had difficulties finding a roommate who they are all satisfied with, until Pei Sheng comes knocking on their door. So Ye Er, Jie Xin and Pei Sheng start living under the same roof and soon there after Ye Er's boyfriend, who just came back from the army, also moves in with them.

    • Jason Hsu as Pei Sheng
    • Ji Wen Hui (紀文蕙) as Ye Er
    • Xiao Bing (小炳) as Mai Fan Lao (the landlord)
    • Mi Ni Bin (迷你彬)

    Story 8

    • Title: 妹妹.情人.夢. / Mei Mei. Qing Ren. Meng
    • Also known as: MM's Lover Dream

    Yi Zhen has liked Hong Yi since high school, but Hong Yi only sees her as his baby sister. When Hong Yi later moves in with her, she starts doing all kinds of houseworks for him. But Hong Yi has already a girlfriend, Jia Yu, and she isn't that happy about all the things she hears about her boyfriend's new roommate.

    • Chen Yi as Hong Yi
    • Yako Chan as Yi Zhen
    • Albee Huang as Jia Yu
    • Lin Chang Wei (林昌偉) as Qun You
    • Tang Ling (唐玲) as Mai Ge Yao (the landlady)
    Insert songs
    • Really Wants To Tell You Again (好想再對你說) by AK

    Story 9

    • Title: 相戀無罪 / Xiang Lian Wu Zui
    • Also known as: Love is no Crime
    • Ding Chun Cheng as Zhi Hao
    • Emma (艾瑪) as Shu Jun
    • Kris Shen as Zhi Hong
    • Tang Guo (糖果) as Tang Tang
    • Xiao Bing (小炳) as Mai Fan Lao (the landlord)

    Story 10

    • Title: 幸福的條件 / Xin Fu De Tiao Jian
    • Also known as: The Terms of Happiness
    • Jason Hsu as Wang Li Wei
    • Venus Tso (左永寧) as Luo Qi
    • Linna (薰) as Luo Shan
    • Anna Lee (李安娜) as Xiao Man
    • Xiao Bing (小炳) as Mai Fan Lao
    • Zhu Yu Jun (朱育均) as Wei's father
    • Huang Bo Chang (黃柏昌) as Billy

    Story 11

    • Title: 男賓止步 / Nan Bin Zhi Bu
    • Also known as: Women Only
    • Xie Kun Da as Dong Lang
    • Ma Li Ou (馬力歐) as Mai Zao
    • Zhuang Wei Xiang (莊惟翔) as Tony
    • He Xi (荷希) as Ke Ke
    • Yan Kai (妍愷) as Qiao Li
    • Linna (薰) as Lu Zi
    • Anna Lee (李安娜) as A Mo
    • Lin Xin Pei (林欣培) as Mai Xiao Po
    • Zhu Yu Jun (朱育均) as Ye Ye

    Season 2

    • Episodes:
    • Broadcast period: 2011-May-01 ~
    • Air time: Sundays 21:00 - 23:00

    Story 1

    • Title: 為愛執著 / Wei Ai Zhi Zhuo
    • Also known as:

    Production Credits

    • Director: Hong Zhi Yu (洪智育)

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