August 26, 2007
Russia not only welcomes the two Korean astronaut trainees, but also a grand showcase of Korean culture.
A ten-day Korean festival underway in Moscow is winning the hearts of Russians with the traditional music and dance while attracting many moviegoers to Korean cinema.
Chang Yeojeong has this story.
Some five-hundred people gathered to watch Korean movies at this 35-millimeter film theater in Russia.
To help the general Russian audience, better understand the Korean film with a traditional storyline, an interpretor was on the spot to give real-time translation.
More and more Russians are exploring Korean flicks as they have increasingly gained recognition over the years for their plots, actors, directors and techniques.

"I plan to try to attend all Korean film festivals. I was very impressed by Director Park Chan-wook's 'Old Boy' and 'I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK'".

This Korean Film Festival taking place in Moscow is part of a ten-day festival aiming to showcase the beauty of Korean culture from music to dance.
Organized jointly by both Koreans and Russians, it also promotes cultural exchange between the two countries.
Festival organizers are showcasing a total of six Korean films, including blockbuster such as The King and the Clown.
Some were specifically chosen by the festival's Russian partners.

"I heard that 'The King and the Clown' is among the latest Korean hit movies and it also entered key international film festivals. So I wanted to see for myself why the movie was such a success".

Recently Korean movies have won a wide range of awards from best acting and directing to best films at major international film festivals, prompting Russians to turn their attention toward Korean flicks.

Chang Yeojeong, Arirang News.

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