August 27, 2007
The 2007 Korea-Russia Exchange Festival currently underway in Moscow is significant in that it marks an attempt by the Korean culture boom of Hallyu to set root in a new territory other than China, Japan and Southeast Asia. While film and drama pop culture held strong appeal in Asia, a different strategy was established for Russia with a greater focus on more refined arts such as ballet, theater and classical music.

The Korean national traditional music (gukak) orchestra took the stage at the opening ceremony held at the International Performing Art Center. Hwang Byeong-gi played the gayageum (twelve-stringed Korean harp) and renowned traditional music singers An Suk-seon and Jang Sa-ik also performed. But they didn't perform alone. They shared the stage with Russian classical string musicians to demonstrate a harmony of the two countries' classical tunes.

Korea's national theater company showcased 'Korea Fantasy' on Saturday, a performance of traditional Korean dances including Korea's famed fan dance. The national ballet theater will perform the modern production "The Obstinate Daughter" this coming Saturday. B-boy performances and puppet shows will also be held.




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