August 10, 2005

Now that the most influential broadcaster in the Middle East, Egypt National TV is stepping forward to import Korean TV dramas, the region is expected to be hit by the "Korean Wave" of cultural exports in the wake of rising popularity of TV dramas.

AP news recently quoted Al-Akhbar as saying that ERTU(Egyptian Radio and Television Union)Channel-2 will import new Korean dramas in response to increasing demand of viewers in Arab nations following the success of Winter Sonata aired through the channel this year.

The newspaper added that ERTU CEO of Channel-2 has visited Korea lately to see popular Korean dramas himself, and contacted several production companies in Korea as well.

After finalizing program designation, they will be dubbed in Arabic and broadcasted after Ramadan that lasts a month starting from the beginning of October.

Both " Autumn in my Heart " aired in August last year and Winter Sonata in January this year,broadcasted by Channel-2 of ERTU, have been popular among viewers of Arab nations.

ERTU is the largest TV broadcaster in the Middle East and Africa, and the terrestrial & satellite channels of Channel-2 cover the entire Middle East region.

The Source : Koreacontent News Team




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